Most of you, if you’re like me, probably have done this many of time through your weight loss journey. Start off feeling excited and hopeful, but then eventually grow impatient because of not seeing the results as quickly as we anticipated. Wanting things to happen in within days or weeks of a weight loss program (in my case the next day). We want to see results right away. When we don’t we then want to quit. Feeling frustrated we may return to our old ways and may include binging on food that are not healthy which in turn will sabotage our goal, this then leads to feels of discouragement and hopelessness, and feeling like a failure and quitting what we started.

We tend to beat up on on ourselves for quitting, instead, rather than understanding that our impatience is the root to our sabotaging our weight loss program. What I’ve learned in this journey is setting and using the SMART Goals system. The acronyms stand for:

  • S- Specific goal and how to obtain it; “I want to lose 10lbs, by choosing a healthier lifestyle
  • M- Measurable– what method which provide results; “eat smaller portion, preplan my meals, less sugar (your choice}
  • A – Attainable-Make it realistic goal for success, “1lbs a week or 1lbs a month” (remember it’s your goal)
  • R- Relevant – Does it pertain to your life- Yes, a healthier new you.
  • T- Time bound A set time frame to reach your goal (remember make it realistic, It may take months and years of commitment and sacrifice to achieve your weight loss goal.

Stay committed and remember There are NO shortcuts. Only hard work and be patient; most importantly be gentle with yourself, don’t give up! It will pay off!!

Believe me, yes it will pay off. It took me one year to achieve the weigh loss goal I desired. But if I’m honest I’ve been in this journey since 2014, with a lots of failures and disappointments under my belt before finding a program that truly works with the support and motivation from staff when I needed it.